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What is South Platte Communities United?

Our Mission: To promote positive youth development and to prevent youth substance use.

Vision: Sheridan/Englewood is a passionate community ready to make strides towards a progressive future which fosters and empowers youth to obtain a life without drugs/violence. We will continue to work towards a unified community, focused on substance use prevention, where all have the ability to live a healthy lifestyle.

Sheridan y Englewood son comunidades dispuestas para luchar por un futuro progresivo que cultiva jóvenes decididos a obtener una vida positiva sin drogas y sin violencia. Vamos a conseguir una comunidad unida, enfocado en la prevención del uso de sustancias, donde todos luchan por el bienestar de los miembros de nuestra comunidad.

South Platte Communities United (SPCU) coalition, along with the We Make The Change For A Better Tomorrow (WMTC) youth coalition, are part of Communities That Care (CTC). CTC is an evidence-based prevention initiative that is focused on strengthening relationships between adults and young people in order to create healthy, inclusive, and supportive environments in a community.

In 2016, SPCU and WMTC brought this initiative to the communities of Englewood and Sheridan. The group has analyzed 2017 and 2019 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (HKCS) data and recognizes that economic instability is a common theme in both communities. Economic instability not only contributes to employment, housing, and environmental challenges but can also contribute to negative health outcomes among young people.

SPCU is dedicating its time to upstream prevention by implementing strategy-level projects to address these challenges to move the needle on economic instability and ultimately reduce negative health outcomes and behaviors that young people may be exposed too.

These groups of adults and young people have dedicated their time to further promote the CTC initiative by:

  • Improving opportunities for positive youth development

  • Fostering community safety

  • Strengthening community relationships

Coalition Goal: By 2021, youth will live in a more unified safe community where they will have access to prosocial activities that promote healthy living through increased availability of needed resources and services to improve youth social and emotional well-being.

CTC Process Chart

Engaging Youth in Each Phase of CTC.pdf

Community Action Strategies:

-Build public support to alter the physical environment

-Address low unemployment

-Make community resources for housing and other assistance more accessible for eligible families

Risk and Protective Factors (Selected from 2017 HKCS Data)

-Economic Deprivation/Opportunities

-Community and Neighborhood Attachment

-Opportunities and Recognition for Pro-Social Involvement

Youth Health and Community Outcomes

-Decreased Substance Use, Violence, Law Enforcement Involvement, Absenteeism, and Attrition

-Improved Mental Health

The coalition has four focus areas:

Coalition Projects

Improve low employment and build local partnerships

Billboard with community flyers
  • Environmental scan of current employment initiatives

  • Collaboration with Arapahoe Douglas Works

  • Community workshops and outreach

Make community resources for housing more accessible

Family at new home in Sheridan
  • Community Housing Forum

  • Tenant/Landlord education

  • Collaboration with other community housing resources

Build community support to alter the physical environment

Englewood Civic Center Lion Statue
  • Community Improvement projects

  • Youth led Community PhotoVoice

  • Community PhotoVoice Forum

  • Community Citizen Budget Forum

Register Today!!!

Click on this link to sign-up for one or all of the workshops! A reminder email will be sent out the morning of each workshop (Wednesday) with the zoom link, please make sure to pre-register before then so we can get a head count. Participants will receive a Grub Hub gift card and certificate of completion after each workshop. Volunteer hours for painting the mural can be counted.

The zoom link for each of the workshops can also be found here. Feel free to save it to your email calendar or phone reminder:

Youth Series Workshops Spring 2021 Engage. Discuss. Explore.pdf
ES_Youth Series Workshops Spring 2021 Engage. Discuss. Explore.pdf

Community Updates

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Coalition Accomplishments

Coalition Activities and Meetings

Activities: South Platte Communities United participates in annual events including Shared Risk and Protective Factors Conference, Public Health in the Rockies, CADCA, and CO Parks and Recreation Collaborative Youth Summit: Gen Z.

Meetings: South Platte Communities United coalition meetings are open to the public. Meetings are held every 4th Thursday of every other month from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

In April, the coalition will be meeting earlier on the 16th from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Community Room in the Englewood Civic Center.

Location of meetings vary due to community members donating space. If interested in attending, please contact us for details on meeting location.

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How is South Platte Communities United funded?