Parents and children planting a community garden

The environment team consists of caring individuals whose goal is to support a positive quality lifestyle for residents in Sheridan and Englewood by increasing collaboration to address community improvement projects and building support to alter the physical environment.

Goals, Strategies, and Activities

Strategy: Build community support to alter the physical environment

Goal/Objective: By 2020, Sheridan/Englewood citizens will help support a positive quality lifestyle that demonstrates an increased collaboration to address community improvement projects by conducting a built environment scan to identify and address areas for improvement.


  • Host different community forums around topics relating to PhotoVoice and Community budget

  • Initiate a pilot PhotoVoice in Spring of 2020 and kick-off with community PhotoVoice in Summer of 2020

  • Work with young people to teach and complete an environmental scan

  • Incorporate a walkability assessment of community, invite community members to community budget forum

  • Invite young people to share results of PhotoVoice at budget forum to assist with discussion/direction of forum

Sheridan Public Library building

Sheridan Community Mural Photovoice Project

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The South Platte Communities United coalition’s environment workgroup and We Make The Change youth leader board has been working diligently with our community partners in planning a Sheridan Community Mural Photovoice project for the month November.

  • What is a Photovoice you might be wondering?

  • A Photovoice is most simply a photo with a caption. We know the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. With a Photovoice a person can submit a photo along with a short write-up (maybe a paragraph at most) that addresses a question posed. The pictures can then be collected and shared along with the comments to demonstrate how a group may answer a question and discover themes. For our project, the Photovoice is looking to find areas of improvement in the community where we can then place a youth-led mural come the spring of 2021.

  • Sheridan Mural Photovoice project timeline

  • Phase 1: Photovoice project (month of November)

  • Phase 2: Sheridan Virtual Community Fall Form ( December 2nd being offered at 11-noon and 5-6pm via Zoom)

  • Phase 3: Youth workshops and painting the mural (February – May)


Contact Phone: 303-315-6165

Contact Email: spcuenvironment@gmail.com

Meetings: Every 3rd Monday of the month from 9-11 a.m., location TBD.

Location of meetings vary due to community members donating space. If interested in attending, please contact us for details on meeting location.