Mission, Vision and Goals

Mission: To promote positive youth development and to prevent youth substance use.

Vision: Sheridan/Englewood is a passionate community ready to make strides towards a progressive future which fosters and empowers youth to obtain a life without drugs/violence. We will continue to work towards a unified community, focused on substance use prevention, where all have the ability to live a healthy lifestyle.

Sheridan y Englewood son comunidades dispuestas para luchar por un futuro progresivo que cultiva jóvenes decididos a obtener una vida positiva sin drogas y sin violencia. Vamos a conseguir una comunidad unida, enfocado en la prevención del uso de sustancias, donde todos luchan por el bienestar de los miembros de nuestra comunidad.

Goals: By 2021, youth will live in a more unified safe community where they will have access to prosocial activities that promote healthy living through increased availability of needed resources and services to improve youth social and emotional well-being.